RAW BRAWDCAST, February 9, 2015 (Columbus, Ohio)

Sadly, they began RAW by giving the microphone to Roman Reigns. Reigns taunted Bryan, who taunted Reigns, and then Stephanie McMahon taunted both. She criticized Bryan for stuffing Kane into a casket during a Casket Match, in which the rules required that the winner stuff the loser into a casket because it’s a Casket Match. The Authority made the rules, and then criticized Bryan for following them. Continue reading RAW BRAWDCAST, February 9, 2015 (Columbus, Ohio)

RAW BRAWDCAST – January 26, 2015

Nothing much to report.  A blizzard (Winterstorm Juno) canceled RAW in  Hartford.  So, WWE rebroadcast the Royal Rumble from the day before.

They interviewed Rollins, Lesnar, and Reigns in the studio.  Thankfully, Rollins brought his metallic “Money in the Bank” briefcase.  Did he need that on a date where there was no scheduled wrestling?  And he daringly knocked over Lesnar’s chair (before Lesnar sat in it). Continue reading RAW BRAWDCAST – January 26, 2015