Kalisto v. Del Rio (US Championship) –  Del Rio
Becky Lynch v. Charlotte (Divas Championship) – Charlotte
Usos v. New Day (Tag Team Championship) – New Day
Ambrose v. Owens  (Intercontinental Championship) – Ambrose
Royal Rumble – Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock
Without Daniel Bryan, Cena, Rollins, and RKO, the product is suffering.  They need something radical for the Royal Rumble. They need a wildcard.
We cannot sit through another Sheamus v. Roman Reigns Championship match.  

RAW BRAWDCAST February 2, 2015

Fans booed The Authority’s mention of The Royal Rumble, again.  The “announcement that would shake the WWE Universe to its core” is that Roman Reigns won The Royal Rumble, but he’s not necessarily going to face Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.  Daniel Bryan will face Rollins tonight; the winner of that match faces Roman Reigns at WWE Fast Lane (available on the WWE Network for the low, low, price of  . . .) The winner of that match faces Lesnar for the Championship at Wrestlemania.

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