Sasha Banks v. Nia Jax – Sasha Banks.

Universal Championship.  Owens v. Goldberg  – Owens retains the Universal Championship, but  championship, but Goldberg wins the match (by DQ or some other way).

Roman Reigns v. Braun Strowman – We’re pulling for Braun Strowman. But we fear that Roman Reigns will prevail due to the McMahon child’s disordered attraction to Roman Reigns.  Roman Reigns.

Bayley v. Charlotte Flair (CF)  – No one ever lost money betting on Charlotte Flair in a Championship match.

Samoa Joe v. Sami Zayn – They just brought up Samoa Joe.  They will give him the victory to promote him

Neville v. Jack Gallagher – Neville, flyin’ high.

Gallows & Anderson v. Amore & Kass – Amore & Kass.  Because you “can’t teach that.”

Swann and Tozawa v. Kendrick and Dar – Who are these people?

RAW BRAWDCAST, February 9, 2015 (Columbus, Ohio)

Sadly, they began RAW by giving the microphone to Roman Reigns. Reigns taunted Bryan, who taunted Reigns, and then Stephanie McMahon taunted both. She criticized Bryan for stuffing Kane into a casket during a Casket Match, in which the rules required that the winner stuff the loser into a casket because it’s a Casket Match. The Authority made the rules, and then criticized Bryan for following them. Continue reading RAW BRAWDCAST, February 9, 2015 (Columbus, Ohio)

THE SMACK ON SMACKDOWN – February 5, 2015

The Miz led off the first segment with Miz TV.  It was abruptly canceled with a Superman punch from Roman Reigns.

In a tag team match, Ryback and Ziggler teamed up against Gold and Stardust. Unfortunately, they entered to Ziggler’s entrance music, rather than Ryback’s.  And Ziggler wore a “Little Guy” Belt.  Stardust took an early exit into the locker room, leaving Goldust to be pinned by Ryback. Continue reading THE SMACK ON SMACKDOWN – February 5, 2015

RAW BRAWDCAST February 2, 2015

Fans booed The Authority’s mention of The Royal Rumble, again.  The “announcement that would shake the WWE Universe to its core” is that Roman Reigns won The Royal Rumble, but he’s not necessarily going to face Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.  Daniel Bryan will face Rollins tonight; the winner of that match faces Roman Reigns at WWE Fast Lane (available on the WWE Network for the low, low, price of  . . .) The winner of that match faces Lesnar for the Championship at Wrestlemania.

Continue reading RAW BRAWDCAST February 2, 2015