THE SMACK ON SMACKDOWN – April 9, 2015 (Dallas, TX)

The show began with Daniel Bryan, saying that his Intercontinental Championship would mean even more if he were to defend it.   Bad News Barrett and Sheamus then threatened Bryan.  The crowd chanted, “You look stupid” towards Sheamus.  Dolph Ziggler then emerged to save the day.  But Big Show then came out and said that his victory in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal meant that he had “eclipsed” Andre the Giant in history, and proves that he had surpassed anything that Andre the Giant had ever been.  This set up for a six man Tag Team match at the Main Event.

But, C’mon, you can’t compare Big Show, who loses to just about everyone, to Andre the Giant, who was only pinned once (by Hulk Hogan).  Big Show is a Giant disappointment.

The New Day then came out and their chant devolved into “New Day Sucks”.  The Creative Team must have cringed as their “New Day” clap chant was bastardized by the masses.  They wrestled Tyson Kidd and Cesaro – pound for pound the most  boring tag team in WWE.  Tyson Kidd pinned Kofi Kingston after an uppercut.

Curtis Axel then had a promo in which he challenged Neville. He mentioned Axetreme Rules and, as usual, he was pinned, this time after a shooting star press.  We don’t know what Axel’s finishing move is because he never finished anyone.

In a promo, an argument backstage was started between Natalya, Alicia Fox, and Cameron which had to be broken up by referees.  What were the refs doing backstage – officiating at the catering table?

In the match, Natalya forced Alicia Fox to tap out after a sharpshooter.  Cameron, the referee, then delivered a DDT to Alicia Fox and one to Natalya.  You go, Girls.

Bray Wyatt then wrestled Erick Rowan, in a match between Amish Rednecks.  Wyatt pinned Rowan after a Sister Abigail.

The Miz then had a segment in which he advertised the movie Marine 4. Summer Rae, his co-star then entered the ring to point out that the movie was “theirs” rather than “his.”  Out came Mizdow, which led The Miz to demand an apology from Mizdow.  Mizdow apologized, saying, “I’m sorry . . .  that I didn’t do this sooner,” and then beat up The Miz.

They showed a long advertisement for WrestleMania.  That was last month’s event.  It’s over.  What are they advertising for?

In the main event, Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, and Big Show wrestled Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Roman Reigns.  Roman Reigns delivered a superman punch to Big Show, then another to Barrett, followed by a spear to pin Barrett.

Does this foreshadow a Reigns / Lesnar rematch?

Our FEED ME MORE Award goes to Neville – nice technique!

Our FEED ME MORON Award goes to The New Day, for another embarrassing showing.